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Appendicitis 12


Appendicitis Definition :  Inflammation of the vermiform appendix, usually associated with infection of the appendix. We have described in article : Types of appendicitis: Symptoms and signs of appendicitis: Investigations of appendicitis: Treatment of...

Abdominal Pain 9

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain We have described in article : Causes of Abdominal pain Diagnosis of Abdominal pain Clinical examination of Abdominal pain. Investigation of Abdominal pain Managementof Abdominal pain. Causes of pain in the abdomen:...

Chest pain. 2

Chest pain

Chest pain. Definition:  Chest pain is a common presentation of cardiac disease, but can also be a manifestation of anxiety or disease of the lungs, the musculoskeletal or gastrointestinal system. We have describe in...