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Definition of personality

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Types of personality

Stages of personality development


Definition of Personality :

personality : The term personality is a key word in psychology. It implies certain physical and mental traits, which are characteristics of a given individual. These traits determine to some extent the individuals behaviour or adjustment to his surroundings.

Components of personality :

  1. Physical: Height, weight, colour, facial expression, physical health.
  2. Emotional : Fear, anger, love, jealousy, guilt, worries.
  3. Intelligence: Intelligent or dull.
  4. Behaviour : Gentle, kind, affectionate, balanced, sobmissive and aggressive.

Types of personality :

  1. Extrovert (Type A) : It is a person who is thought to be dashing, practical, active and showing and easily mixes with people
  2. Introvert (Type-B) : Iris a person who is reserved, shy & generally keeps to himself.
  3. Mixture of both

Stages of personality development : 

  1. Infancy : The first 1 year of life is called infancy. The infant is hardly a social creature. There is rapid physical and mental growth The infant is totally dependent on the mother. By the end of first year, the infant is able to stand up for a short while and tries to walk with a little support. He enjoys simple tircks and games.
  2. Pre-school child : This stage is marked by considerable growth of brain The child feeds himself, speaks, loves his home, fears dark, loves stories and wants to assume responsibility. He begins to mix with other small children.
  3. School age : The school age period ranges from 5 to 15 years. The school going child is active all the time. By the age of 8, the mental powers are fully developed. The brain of the child at the age of 8 years is almost of the same size as an adult. The child begins to reason. There is gradual detachment from the family, and greater attachment to his playmates and friends. He begins to form groups. The period of childhood terminates with the onset of puberty, which is about 11 years in the case of girls and 13 in the case of boys.
  4. Adolescence :  Adolescence or “teenage” is turbulent period in one’s life. This is a period of rosy dreams, adventure, love and romance. The teenager strives for independence, He dislikes parental authority. He becomes fully aware of social values and norms. There is rapid physical growth.
  5. Adults : The person is mature and more balances. The physical and mental characteristics are fully developed. It is difficult to draw a line when adolescence ceases, and adulthood begins.
  6. Old age : It is difficult to say when old age begins. It is a gradual process marked by decline in physical powers and acuity of sense organs, Old age is marked by certain psychological changes such as impaired memory, rigidity of outlook, irritability & bitterness Inner withdrawal and social maladjustment.

Define personality trait :

Personality traits : A trait is described as tendency to behave in a consistent manner in variable situations Human personality is a bundle of traits. The basic personality traits are established by the age of 6 wears Cheerfulness, good manners, sportsmanship, honesty, kindliness, loyalty, reliability, sense of humor, actfulness, willing to help others etc. are some of the personality traits. It is possible to cultivate these traits.


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