The Uterus


Define Uterus : The uterus is a hollow pyriform muscular organ situated in the pelvis between the bladder in front and the rectum behind.

We have described :

.Describe the anatomy of uterus.

Blood supply and Nerve supply of uterus

Describe the development of uterus.

Structures of uterus.

The Uterus

Anatomy of uterus :

Position : It is about 8 cm wide at the anteversion and antiflexsion.

Measurements : It is about 8 cm long and 5cm wide at the fundus and its walls are about 1.25cm thick.

Parts : It has got 3 parts-

  1. Body or corpus:
  • Fundus
  • Body proper

  2. Isthmus

  3. Cervix.

Structures: The wall consists of 3 layers from outside inwards-

  1. Perimetrium
  2. Myometrium
  3. Endometrium.

Blood supply of uterus:

A. Arterial supply: 

  1. Uterine artery: One on each side arises from the anterior division of the internal iliac artery either directly or as a branch of the hypogasrtic artery.
  2. Ovarian and vaginal arteries: It anastomoses with uterine arteries.

B. Venus drainages : the venous channels correspond to the arterial course and drain into internal iliac veins.

Nerve supply of uterus:

Sympathetic supply: T5 and T6 and T10-L1 spinal segments.

Parasympathetic supply: S2-S4 spinal segments.

Development of Uterus : 

  • Fundus and Body: Developed by the fusion of the intermediate horizontal parts of the two paramesonephric ducts.
  • Cervix : Developed from the upper part of the utero-vaginal canal which is formed by the fusion of the lower vertical parts of the two paramesonephric ducts.

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